Hospital of Tomorrow 2014 Executive Conference

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In a world where technological advances permeate every facet of our lives, such as the telephones we use and the vehicles we drive in, there are areas where these advances can profoundly alter the quality of our lives. One of these areas is healthcare, where advances bring with them the possibility for transforming society. In line with this theme, US News is hosting the Hospital of Tomorrow 2014 Executive Conference at the Washington Hilton from October 6th through the 8th. The conference will bring industry leaders from around the country to D.C. to discuss ways to facilitate the transformation of various areas of the industry.

The Changing Face of Hospitals and Healthcare Panel

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The conference will cover topics ranging from the transformation of the medical school curriculum and the way classes are held to the improvement and cost-effectiveness of medical devices. There are numerous high-quality speakers, including US News staff writer Mort Zuckerman and leading industry professionals. We hope attendees choose our bed and breakfast when seeking accommodation in D.C.

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