Capital Fringe 2014

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Capital Fringe 2014 kicked off last week with musical performances in the Fringe Fort on New York Ave, just northeast of Mt. Vernon Square located 9 minutes from our Washington DC B&B. This year’s Capital Fringe brings together a myriad of performing artists – so many that patrons are justified in wondering: what is a fringe festival?


Fringe festivals originated from fringe theater, which originated in the UK and describes a small-scale theater company that performs unique, non-commercial performances. Fringe festivals offer a venue for alternative playwrights, producers, actors, and set-designers to display their work to the public. Work at Capital Fringe ranges from bold re-creations of Shakespeare (this year’s Capital Fringe features a re-imagining of Macbeth as a Dateline murder mystery and Coriolanus as a feminist anthem) to new, challenging theater that pushes social-political boundaries (such as Districtland’s scathing takedown of D.C. social climbers).

This year’s Capital Fringe also includes sketch comedy and musical performances. Funny or Die’s Allan McLeod and Robby Newman teamed up to write Captain Tickle Britches, a performance whose name makes us innkeepers giggle a bit. Local D.C. experimental music pioneers Janel and Anthony already performed at the Martin Luther King Library.

Even while Fringe Festivals stray from theater-centric performances, they remain a venue for unconventional performers to showcase their talents.


Marcos, Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington D.C. Bed and Breakfast

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