2014 National Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference

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This year the National Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference takes place at the Washington Hilton from July 31st to August 1st. In the past forty years there has been an explosion of minority-owned businesses across the country. Business owners from the black, Hispanic, and Asian communities – just to name a few – have formed organizations to address issues unique to their community, such as navigating a loan system that has been historically discriminatory against minorities in its lending practices, developing business strategies to market to minority communities, and managing a diverse workforce.

(photo credit: http://medweek.mbda.gov)

In addition to a business matchmaking session, which will allow minority-owned business the opportunity to network with other businesses, there will be sessions devoted to leveraging government programs enacted to assist minority business owners, promoting ones business using social media, networking with other minority business owners, and an introduction to global business trends. The conference also includes an awards luncheon that will recognize leaders among minority owned businesses.

(photo credit: http://medweek.mbda.gov)

As a minority owned and operated business, our D.C. Inn would like to extend a warm welcome to attendees of this month’s conference. We hope our dining room table can become a venue for further discussion of the events at the conference.

Marcos, Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington, DC Bed and Breakfast

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