MCEC 2014 National Training Seminar

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When my father served in the Navy, we moved around a lot. I didn’t have a childhood best friend or a gang of neighborhood kids to get into trouble with. I had three brothers and a weird concept that “home” is where the Navy told us to go. My Dad’s second to last assignment was in Brussels Belgium. I was only 8 years old when we adjusted, but I knew that my education experience was different from other students. Though my brothers and I were homeschooled, we perhaps needed a more effective learning environment as most kids do during their impressionable ages. Being a military child is a unique opportunity, and Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) progresses, “To ensure inclusive, quality educational experiences for all military-connected children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.” —

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This fantastic organization is indeed grass-rooting the standard for military children to receive a superb education like that of their peers from unmobile homes. MCEC strives to provide military families with the support, resources, and products to achieve a quality education across the world. Stressors from deployment are hard. Children and the secondary care giver should not have the added worry of student-achievement resources.

MCEC, this July 29-30 at Washington Marriott Wardman Park, a quick walk from our DC hotel, or a few stops after the Dupont Metro, will hold the 2014 National Training Seminar. This event is for anyone involved or interested in military-connected children’s academics–the seminar will discuss issues that are current and relevant to this topic.  Small groups will meet to consider how military communities can participate in a child’s educational development.

I think what MCEC is doing is not only important but necessary. I wouldn’t exchange my nomad memories for home-body ones, I had a beautiful childhood because of the NAVY, but I am glad to see that our leaders are taking an active role in a military-connected child’s education.



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