NSPE 2014 Annual Meeting

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Are you an engineer or someone who knows the importance of engineering in our society today? The National Society of Engineers is holding their annual meeting July 1, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Photo Credit: www.nspe.org

The NSPE 2014 Annual Meeting advocates for the U.S. public policies by acknowledging engineering and the importance of enhancing public health, safety, and welfare. NSPE is partnered with the State Societies to broaden the image of its members and their ability efficiently practice engineering.  This meeting brings together the professional engineers from all over the globe to discuss and educate on the importance of networking, education, and of course to celebrate the Fourth of July here in our nations capitol with all of it’s members! This meeting will not only hold discussions and conferences but will included a tour of the Capitol, the monuments, and a trip to the Washington Nationals baseball game! This conference should be a wonderful time for it’s attendees thanks to the education, learning, networking, and fun!

Here at our Washington Inn we want to celebrate the many accomplishments of  NSPE and accommodate its members and attendees by proving you with an amazing stay with our friendly Innkeepers and talented chefs.

“For 80 years, NSPE has been the only organization dedicated solely to supporting licensed professional engineers. Be part of the profession’s future”, stated on NSPE’s website. Engineers help guide our society and shape it into what we have today.

Here is a video from NSPE President-Elect Harve Hnatiuk:

Brianna, Innkeeper at American Guest House


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