Citizens’ Climate Lobby International Conference 2014

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It is so wonderful to see DC citizens actively participate in making this city cleaner, and eco-friendly. Whether it is picking up after all the pups, recycling the morning coffee cup, conserving electricity, taking the bus – or even better, walking! – DC is definitely on this exciting band-wagon for change.

June 22-24 2014, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education Corp International Conference will meet, close to our DC accommodations, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Woodley Park Washington, D.C., to “Turn up the heat in Congress to cool off the world.” Citizens’ Climate Lobby reaches members of Congress in an organized fashion to push their interest in global warming. Because this is such an important topic, they effectively speak on how members of Congress can implement climate change. With 114 lobby teams throughout America, Canada, and Sweden, their efforts are creating results.

While in DC, they will lobby Congress to work towards an aseptic environment instead of a degenerating one. With the conference cap at 700 attendees, these incredible men and women will storm Capitol Hill come June to push the solutions needed for climate change. What a great way to kick start the summer and a lesson for all of us to continue to do out parts.

Hannah, Innkeeper, American Guest House, a Washington DC Bed and Breakfast

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