2014 AMEC

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I can recall a specific experience when I was a little girl, of having a severe sore throat.  My parents were at work and my babysitter had to take me to the doctor close to our home.  I knew that it wasn’t my regular physician.  When we entered the reception area there were separate waiting rooms.  One sign read “Whites Only” and the other sign said, “Coloreds”.  The doctor was unkind and I didn’t even get a sucker after I was examined.  It was the first time that I recognized that brown children were treated differently by some medical professionals.  Needless to say, my mother was very upset that I had such an encounter and I never went back to that doctors office again.  Because of the many years of commitment to medical education, Student National Medical Association has changed the face of Medicine.

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, the AMEC theme, “Fifty Years, One Mission: Diversifying the Face of Medicine”, serves as the programmatic pinnacle of the commitment SNMA (Student National Medical Association) to fulfilling this important mission. The Annual Medical Education Conference (2014 AMEC) will be held on April 16-20, 2014 in Washington, DC. at the Washington Hilton.

Our Washington, DC lodging is a 3 minute walk from the Washington Hilton and a perfect get away from the busy conference atmosphere.  We look forward to your stay!

Chef Lisa, Innkeeper
American Guest House, A Washington, DC Bed and Breakfast

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