21st International Conference of Europeanists 2014

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CES Conference 2014

Consider yourself an expert on Europe? Or are you just plain interested in the mysteries of its ancient history, contemporary political or economic turmoil or the abundant cultural/linguistic diversity? Then your in luck, the 21st International Conference of Europeanists is headed to Washington DC on March 14-16th, 2014. The theme is a almost hyperbole – Resurrections – the intention being to present from a variety of leading scholars various views on elements of Europe’s past which may be making or may make a resurgence into the present.

I can think of a couple of things from Europe’s past I wouldn’t want to see resurface in its contemporary socioeconomic trails and tribulations – fascism, racism, nationalism, xenophobia. But as any connoisseur of Europe knows, especially the Europeanists, there are many good things that could return – the renaissance, the enlightenment, or periods of vast technical and social innovation.

If you want to hear lively intelligent debates about the prospects of either general trend, or more specific themes such as: The Effects of the Euro-Crisis on European Integration or The Many Faces of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) then head to the CES Conference!

We know, at our nearby Washington DC Inn that such events are rare, and we will certainly be in attendance – and encourage you to join us.


Levi, Innkeeper

American Guest House, a Washington, DC Bed and Breakfast

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