DC NCAI 2014 – National Congress of American Indians

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American history is rich, however to most it begins with the first Europeans who sent foot on these shores a few hundred years ago – but to Native Americans it began long before. Times have been hard, they have been good, and they have been ever-changing for Native Americans in the United States so much so that all the tribes needed to gather together through common need. Today that gathering has become the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) which is a powerful organization helping undeserved and wealthy tribes alike across the nation.

This congress is not important to only Native Americans but anybody who wishes to learn about the interplay between history and modernity. The NCAI will hold its Executive Council Winter Session at the Washington Westin from March 11-13th. Just across the street from our Washington DC Inn where issues that will be on the table range from federal tax to preventing violence against women.

So get involved in America’s past, learn more about Native American issues and help make a brighter future for all of us.


Levi, Innkeeper

American Guest House, a Washington, DC Bed and Breakfast

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