Staycation in Washington DC

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Staycations are a popular way to rest and relax without the hassle or expense of traveling to another city for our vacation time. I’m all for this concept and happen to live in our nation’s capital where there are more free museums than I could hope to visit and great food to enjoy, not to mention the nearby parks and monuments. However, no matter how many times I try to convince myself that I’m “away from it all,” I still wake up to the tickle of a paw on my face (my hungry cats’ way of saying feed me – now) at 6am and all of the little demands of home creep in – laundry, the drawer that needs fixing, the dripping faucet, the kitchen floor which never seems clean – all of those little chores start calling my name until I find myself making endless to-do lists and doing everything but relaxing or enjoying my free time! What I really want during my time off is for someone else to do the cooking and the dishes, for my sweet kitties to learn to use a can opener, and to be actually, truly, away from it all.



The next time you find yourself in the midst of a staycation-turned-chorefest, look up your local B&B!  For a very reasonable amount you can have your very own home away from home. Every morning you will wake up to the aroma of coffee and breakfast tickling your nose, and walk out to enjoy seeing the sights leaving the dishes behind without a care in the world. Being a tourist in your own city, especially one as interesting as Washington, DC is made all the more sweet when you can return at night to tea and hot cocoa, a warm shower and a fresh made bed.

Many people don’t know that B&Bs aren’t only located in the mountains or countryside. Urban B&Bs like American Guest House offer a unique chance to share stories over the breakfast table with travelers and locals alike, and often the innkeepers will know of the secrets in the area like the best neighborhood restaurants or events. You can truly get away from it all without leaving your city or breaking your bank.

Our Washington DC Inn is the perfect place for a Staycation.  Our location is superb at only 1 mile NW of the White House and less than 2 miles to the Smithsonian Museums and Monuments.  At only 10 minutes walk to Dupont Circle Metro Station, and in the best neighborhood in town.

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