Cyber Defense Initiative 2013

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Where ever you turn, organizations are being broken into and the fundamental question that everyone wants to know is, Why? Why do some organizations get broken into and others do not.  Security Essentials is focused on teaching the right things that need to be done to keep an organization secure. Most organizations are spending millions of dollars on security and are still compromised. The problem is they are doing good things but not the right things. Good things will lay a solid foundation but the right things will stop your organization from being headline news in the Wall Street Journal.  The focus of the conference is to teach individuals the essential skills and techniques needed to protect and secure an organization’s critical information assets and business systems.  Security is a journey and not a destination.  At Cyber Defense Initiative 2013,  you will be taught how to build a security road map that can scale today and into the future.  Most importantly, your organization will be secure.

If you are considering attending the Cyber Defense Initiative 2013, please consider the American Guest House for your accommodations while in DC.  Our rates are most competitive and the comforts that our Inn provides are unmatched by any hotel.  We have wildly delicious breakfast choices along with helpful and friendly Innkeepers.  Go online and look some of the amenities that we have to offer.

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