One-Person Credit Card Processing Reps

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Run for your life! — I have had my share with credit card processing companies and would rate some of them as well as I would some “used cars” salespeople.  Honesty pays no matter what type of business you are in but some people just don’t get it.

Customers are the life line of a business and business owners and managers must treat them with honesty, provide excellent service and give them their moneys’ worth if they want to keep them.

I would stay away from one-person run credit card processors, the so called credit card processing Reps or representatives.  Some may mean well in the beginning but it all becomes a blur to them after a while and all they can do is to provide extremely poor service that your business run the risk of loosing customers too because you can’t just deliver the excellent service you want to deliver to your own customers.  So run from credit card reps while you have a chance because once they get you it is sometimes very difficult to make them stop dipping into your bank account for fees you no longer should have to pay.  They no longer return phone calls nor emails, they simply disappear from the radar, leaving you to waste hours on the phone and via email trying to get someone to stop charging you fees months after you have left them.

There are many excellent credit card processing companies out there.  Do your home work well and don’t settle for the used car salesperson type business.  Ask for every promise in writing and don’t sign time contracts.  This thing about having to sign a contract is just a scam to get you to stay and endure their bad service.  If they offer excellent service no one would want to live them.  The problem is, most companies want to milk you dry and provide bad customer service, then of course they must make sure you are tied down so you don’t run for your life.

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