Potomac River Company Sightseeing tours

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Washington DC at night is a whole new experience. Now imagine that and add it a bonus; experience the DC Monuments from a Cruise over the Potomac river!

The Potomac RIver Company offers sightseeing cruises over the Potomac River for as low as $26!

Check out a map with all the attractions:

The cruise takes 45 minutes (One-way) and 90 minutes (roundtrip) and you can get off the boat and shop! Check out what some customers said about the tour:

“The rountrip to DC was both fun and memorable.” – Heather – Chantilly, VA

“We recently moved here and decided to purchase a season pass with the Potomac River Boat Company.  I am really impressed with them and how they operate. ” – Barry – Gurnee, IL

Don’t miss out this opportunity, you can buy your tickets here.

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