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Traveling to the U.S. from abroad?

Here’s a quick travel guide to some key information for your travels:


  • Need to know which type of Visa you’ll need? Find information for temporary visitors from the U.S. Department of State.
  • Or visit the State Department’s guide to everything you need to know about visas to travel to the U.S.
  • For additional information on necessary visas, see this practical information guide on Lonely Planet.

Currency Exchange:

  • For information about currency needs, and financial services in the U.S., including information on credit cards, taxes, and tipping, check out this useful guide.
  • Interested in finding out the conversion from your currency to US dollars? Use Frommer’s handy currency converter to find out.
  • You may find it advantageous to exchange your currency to US dollars before you arrive, but should you find yourself in need of currency exchange most regional banks in DC offer the service, including the Bank of America on Columbia Rd Northwest.


  • Typically no additional vaccinations are needed to travel to the United States, though you may wish to review the types of health risks that do exist here, and are often mosquito-borne.

Traveler’s insurance:

  • For a listing of popular traveler’s insurance options, see Frommer’s guide to insurance providers.
  • For reviews and comparison of some of your options, Top Ten Review’s travel insurance comparison.
  • For additional information on the types of criteria to look at, see Travel Insurance Review’s tips.

Cell phones:

  • Looking for a pre-paid cell phone? Find out plan options and rates here.
  • You can pick one nearby, at Cricket Wireless, at 1652 Columbia Road Northwest, Washington DC.
  • For additional information, take a look at Discover America’s tips on phone service options in the US.

Electrical power adapters:

  • You may want to note that electrical power adapters in the US deliver between 110-120 volts, which often differs from other nations. Consequently, you may need a travel adapter for your travels. Find out more about how and when you’ll need one from usatoday travel tips. We also offer them at our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast but please reserve one when making your reservation with us.

Safe and happy traveling!

Jennifer, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC



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