Restaurant Review – P.O.V at Hotel Washington

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We wanted to impress some out-of-town friends and decided to take them to lunch at the highly acclaimed rooftop P.O.V., at Hotel Washington.  This place is known for having the best view of the White House and also for being a place to see and be seen.  Unfortunately we arrived past 3pm and missed lunch altogether.  However we wanted to spend some time checking out the place, so we decided to order the appetizers offered.  Price ranged from about $9 to $16 per appetizer.  Unfortunately, I must say we were not impressed, perhaps because after the lunch crowd is gone service goes down a bit? The server was a bit stiff, we missed the welcoming smile, and it took too long to get some of our food delivered, plus we didn’t get all of the flatware so we couldn’t eat our food.  However, there was no reason for the service to be slow since the place was pretty empty at that time of the day.  Another reason, was the strong smell of gas.  We asked the waitress were the smell was coming from and she explained that it had to do with the heating gas lamps being used in a closed in space to warm up the area.  Lastly, the best view of the White House turned out to be no more than a view of its rooftop which during the day is not as impressive.  I would suggest a night visit to Point of View at Hotel W either for dinner or drinks. Washington DC has a beautiful skyline and it looks dreamy at night specially when seen from a roof top.

Lucia, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC

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