What’s a SmartTrip Card, where do I get one, and how do I use it?

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If you plan to use the Metrorail or Metrobus system during your stay in Washington, DC, then you probably want to purchase a SmartTrip Card. Essentially, this rechargeable plastic card offers you a lower fare than the traditional paper cards. Each time you use it, you’ll save a dollar on Metrorail and $.20 on Metrobus. Additionally, it’s faster and easier to use, because all you have to do is touch it to the receptor. In other words, you won’t be stuck fumbling with exact change on the bus. If you plan to transfer buses or between the Metrorail and Metrobus, the most cost-effective way to do this is with a SmartTrip card. Without it, you have to pay full price for each transfer.

According to WMATA’s website, SmarTrip cards can be purchased “online, by mail, at a select number of CVS/pharmacy and Giant Food stores or at any of 200 Metro sales locations: Metro Sales Offices, the Northern Metrobus Division, vending machines at Metrorail stations that have parking facilities, and regional transit stores.”

To make things even easier for you conveniently located Dupont Circle bed and breakfast stocks SmartTrip cards for guests to use during their stay.

Kyle, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC

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