Looking for late night restaurants in Dupont Circle?

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From time to time guests arrive late in the evening at the American Guest House, our charming accommodation in Washington DC. Often they have just flown in from somewhere far away and are quite hungry. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of late night restaurants in Dupont Circle, but there is one great spot that’s close to our lovely inn in DC and that’s the Kramerbooks Afterwords Cafe. They are open until from 7am until 1am daily. Not only does their tasty dinner menu run until 12:45, their bar is hopping with orders for coffee and cocktails until close. They have outdoor seating as well as an indoor dining area, which is separate from the bookstore and cafe/bar.

If you’re arriving to town late, you should definitely consider us when you’re deciding where to stay when visiting Washington DC, so we can treat you to a stellar DC breakfast after Kramerbooks Afterwords Cafe takes care of your late night nibble needs.

Kyle, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC

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