The Hill Country Barbecue Restaurant

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Finally some a good Texan BBQ in Washington DC!  Located in Penn Quarter, the Hill Country serves a wide selection of “authentic” Texas barbecue, ranging from sausages, to beef ribs, and, of course, brisket (amazing by the way).

The all concept is something new in the Nation Capital:  you go to a counter, order meat by weight, and then get your sides cafeteria style at another counter. Waiters buzz around the long picnic tables in the main dining room, re-filling your water and bringing your beers.

The must try it’s their barbecued brisket, which is tender and smoky  and I find the Kreuz sausages to be fairly good and flavorful ( with the barbecue sauce it’s even better!)  The ribs were the weakest part of meat selection: the taste was okay but nothing to write home about. There sides are wonderful, the chili, pinto beans, coleslaw, and cornbread are my favorites.

The service was friendly, but certainly not attentive… its a serve yourself place, so I didn’t expect much, it took our waiter quite a while to come clear away our paper (they wrap the meat in huge pieces of brown paper before they give it to you).

In sum, if you are craving smoked meats, this is where you need to go!

Jonathan, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC