DC USA Shopping Center is Near American Guest House

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Columbia Heights is home to a prized gem in the DC metropolitan area. The DC USA Shopping Center. The shops are more for day to day purchases. I have directed guests here on more than one occassion where luggage did not arrive in time.  Target is a great store for these types of emergencies, and is also the largest store in the shopping center. There is also BestBuy,  for any emergency electronic purchases you may need, e.g. mobile phone or laptop charger. Bed Bath & Beyond, a home goods store, has been useful for guests transitioning from the guest house and preparing to move into their new apartments, click here for coupons. There is also a Marshalls which always has great sales, and you never need an excuse to look for a great sale.

Columbia Heights is an extremely diverse neighborhood located North of Downtown DC, accessible by several metro bus lines, the DC Circulator  and the Columbia Heights metro station serviced by the green and yellow lines. If you are shopping, stop at Pho 14 for lunch and have the  Pho or try some of their other delicious Vietnamese dishes.

the DC USA Shopping Center is a short bus ride away from our Washington DC hotel.

Happy Shopping!
Alexis, Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington, DC bed and breakfast