Visiting the U.S. Congress, Washington DC

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The Unites States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature and the Federal Government. Congress is the legislative branch of the government that represents the American people and makes the nation’s laws. Congress consists of two branches, The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The Senate and House galleries are open to visitors when  they are in session. The galleries are also open to visitors when Congress is not in session. Observing Congress is a unique experience that one should take advantage of when visiting Washington, DC.

If you are planning to visit the Capitol and would like to visit one of the Chambers of Congress, you may have to do some planning ahead of time. Passes to either of the galleries are granted by request from the offices of your Representative or Senator. International visitors may obtain passes to either gallery at he House or Senate appointment desk located inside the Capitol. Admission to the Capitol is free. Please visit the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center’s website for additional information regarding your next visit.

The Capitol is accessible by the Capitol South metro station on the blue and orange lines. Please visit metro’s trip planner page for additional transportation assistance for your upcoming visit.

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