Welcome to Fairfax County, Virginia!

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Fairfax County which is bounded on the north and southeast by the Potomac River has always been an historical location. For fact, from their Fairfax County homes at Mount Vernon and Gunston Hall, George Washington and George Mason led the American in the cause of freedom during the Revolutionay war. Located near Washington DC, Fairfax County was also an important region in the Civil War.

Since many years now, Fairfax County draws visitors from around the world  and shares the history of his land whether it’s about interest in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, national monuments or even such modern pursuits as shopping and outdoor recreation….

If you plan to visit Fairfax County while you are here in Washington D.C, go to visit the Fairfax County website and find interesting information such as transportation, Metro trip planner,and a list of shopping centers in the area.

Enjoy your visit! Jonathan

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