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If you’re looking for the most direct route to your destination and have some cash (sometimes they will take credit cards- depends on the cabbie and the company), a cab may be your best bet. There tends to be plenty of cabs on the street that are within hailing distance, but if you’d prefer to call one, here are a few numbers: Yellow Cab 1-202-TAXICAB, Diamond Cab 1-202-387-6200, Lincoln Cab 1-202-484-2222, and Orange Cab 1-202-832-0436. Yellow Cab will also allow you to make a reservation through their website.

By being in Dupont Circle and near other hotels, there are plenty of cabs driving around the American Guest House Bed and Breakfast. Just ask the innkeeper on duty and we will gladly hail a cab for you or call for a pick up.

Happy travels! – Vanessa

American Guest House Bed and Breakfast