Can I carry this in the airplane?

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Check out this TSA Site before travelling anywhere, it will give info on what you are allowed to carry in the airplane: We at this bed and breakfast in DC want to make sure you are prepared at all times.

  • Explosives/Flammable
  • Firearms
  • Food
  • Self Defense
  • Sharp Objects
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
Carry-On Checked
Aerosols are prohibited with the exception of personal care items or toiletries in limited quantities.
Blasting Caps
Chlorine for Pools and Spas
Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices
The FAA prohibits these devices in checked baggage. Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Check with your airline for additional restrictions. Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or planeside.
Fire Extinguishers and Other Compressed Gas Cylinders
Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol Paint
Flammable Paints
Cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel is prohibited.
Gas Torches
Gel-Type Candles
Hand Grenades
Lighter Fluid
Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage. Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage, unless they adhere to the Department of Transportation exemption, which allows up to two fueled lighters if properly enclosed in a DOT approved case.
Liquid Bleach
Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol
Up to 3.4 oz./100.55 ml or less that fit in one, clear, plastic, quart-sized, resealable bag.
Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol
More than 3.4 oz./100.55 ml.
Realistic Replicas of Explosives
Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
Recreational Oxygen
Non-medically required, flavored or canned oxygen containers are prohibited.
Safety Matches
One book of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches are permitted as carry-on items, but all matches are prohibited in checked baggage.
Small Compressed Gas Cartridges
Up to two in life vests and two spares. The spares must accompany the personal flotation device and presented as one unit.
Spillable Batteries
Except those in wheelchairs.
Spray Paint
Strike-anywhere Matches
Tear Gas
Self-defense sprays containing more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas are prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage.
Torch Lighters
Torch lighters create a thin, needle-like flame that is hotter (reaching 2,500 °F) and more intense than those from common lighters.  Torch lighters are often used for pipes and cigars, and maintain a consistent stream of air-propelled fire regardless of the angle at which it is held.
Turpentine and Paint Thinner
Vehicle Airbags